TechStaff commenced business in November 1999. Its principal Gary Healey had eight years in technical recruitment with two Auckland consultancies prior to setting up Techstaff. Previous experience began with an indentured Fitting & Turning apprenticeship, and with ongoing tertiary mechanical engineering qualifications completed along the way went into design & drafting, production engineering and project engineering. This included both staff and contract roles. The shift into recruitment was unexpected, and came about due to a convergence of circumstances in late 1991.
TechStaff enjoys a good relationship with clients, candidates and contractors across a range of industry sectors. Clients who have engaged TechStaff to source people include 2MD, AHI, Babbage, Beca Consultants, Cameron Engineering, Cubic Defence, Custom Conveyors, Dodd Civil, Fisher & Paykel, Fletcher, Flotech, Foodstuffs, Fresco, GEA, Glidepath, Harrison-Grierson, Hynds Pipe Systems, James Hardie, Jasmax, Johnson Controls, Kohler, Laminex, McMahon & Associates, Nestle, NZ Sugar, Nufarm, Nu-con, Penford, Refrigeration Engineering, Rendertech, Robt. Stone, Stack Interiors, Tasman Insulation, The Warehouse, Thorburn Consultants, Tse Group, URS, Vortex Engineering, Watercare, Water Systems, Wilson Engineering, and Xception Interiors. We deal with mechanical, civil, structural, architectural and electrical placements.
How it Works
Whether for permanent (staff) placements or contract placements, the process can play out in several ways
A company approaches TechStaff seeking somebody to join their staff of to carry out an assignment on a contract basis. With a good knowledge of who is around, we are often able to come up with candidates just by checking their interest or availability. We also check our database to see if we have suitable people registered, and with whom we have only had limited contact. The third avenue for finding people is advertising, and this may be via print media, Internet or both. Headhunting is a term often heard, and it certainly takes place. TechStaff has a policy of never making an approach to potential candidates from client organisations. Recruiters have been known to approach people whom they have previously placed with a client company, to lure them out and make another fee off them with another client. This will never happen with TechStaff.
A good candidate contacts TechStaff with a view to any suitable positions that may arise. We will then make discreet inquiries with clients to determine whether they might be interested in the person, and if so, after first getting the green light from the individual, a CV will be forwarded to the client. If it goes no further the candidate will be advised, but in the event that a client wants to take the next step, the person will be interviewed by TechStaff and then if deemed to be a strong candidate, recommended for interview by the client.
Clients or potential clients are routinely canvassed to see if they have any current or upcoming requirements for staffing. Should this be the case, details of the position(s) are obtained and a search is carried out to identify possible candidates.
Contract Roles
A contract role may be anything from a couple of days to several years duration. In either case, TechStaff will negotiate a pay rate with the contractor and a charge rate with the client. This will reflect prevailing rates in both cases to ensure clients are not overcharged and contractors receive a fair rate. In all cases, TechStaff takes responsibility for paying the contractor regularly and on time for approved hours worked. This is inevitably before TechStaff receives payment from the client, and in some cases by several weeks.
In most cases contractors will be self-employed individuals, and GST registered. In situation where this is not so, TechStaff takes on the additional responsibilities of an employer, including deduction of PAYE, payment of holiday pay, KiwiSaver etc. This ensures that everything is properly managed with the Inland Revenue Dept., and there will be no nasty surprises for the individual.