The Lost Soles Project

Lost Sole 2655
Lost Sole 3262
Lost Sole 3358
Lost Sole 4000
Lost Sole 3439
Lost Sole 3092
Lost Sole 3388
Lost Sole 4005
Lost Sole 3361
Lost Sole 3310
Lost Sole 3818
Lost Sole 3935

Perhaps by some quirk of fate, Orere Point seems to be a destination for lost and discarded footwear. I started documenting these in December 2008 and it is an ongoing project. Who owned them and how they ended up here on the beach remains an intriguing mystery. Each shoe, boot, sandal and jandal has its own story, but whatever their history, they found themselves cast upon the beach at Orere Point. They lay on the sand, amongst the rocks, or tangled in seaweed or the tree roots probing the high tide mark. Some looked near new, while others were so battered by time and tide as to be barely recognizable.

A collective name was called for, and “Lost Souls” seemed appropriate, even though “soles” might have been slightly more accurate. More recently though, after some “soul / sole searching” I decided to go with Lost Soles. Same sound – more accurate description.

I continue to photograph the lost soles as and when I find them on the beach at Orere Point. If you like them, you can become a fan on facebook by following the link.
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