Probably a bit obvious, but it's more than just pointing, shooting and sticking a few photos on a website.
I can photograph you, your kids, your family, your cat, your dog, your home, your car, your event, your recreational activities and just about anything else you can think of.

Photo Restoration

Damaged photos? Depending on how bad they are, they may be able to be restored to their original quality.

The time involved (and therefore the cost) depends on the amount of damage.


Photo Correction and Enhancement
Problems like red eye are easily fixed and I can even open shut eyes or take a few years (or kg) off you. Even if you're... how shall we say... not exactly an oil painting, I can make you into one. Or a watercolour... or whatever.

Maybe it was pouring with rain on your wedding day, meaning your photos had to be taken at an indoor venue such as a reception lounge. I can put you on a beach, in a garden, or even on the moon. Ditto for other photos with awful backgrounds. For example, those photos with something annoying in the background. Perhaps a tree that seems to be growing out of your head, or even worse, there something embarrassing behind you. No problem. I can remove the offending object, or perhaps move you somewhere nicer.
No... I didn't take this. It was passed on by a friend   Image as fixed

Colouring Black & White Photos

Many people have old back & white family photos in their albums (or shoe boxes!) but most have never given thought to colour enhancement.

Perhaps a loved one has passed away and you'd like a nice photo to frame but only have a small black & white. I can help. You will have noticed this is the same restored photo of my Dad as above. This is a further enhancement.


Photo Archiving
Worried about losing your precious photos in a fire, natural disaster or theft? Your photos can be scanned and put onto CD / DVD that you can then keep at work or another location. Of course you can also make extra copies for safe keeping.

Digitising Slides
Remember when we used to take colour slides, and the need to have a projector to view them? I can convert your old slides into digital photos, and even give them a bit of a tidy up in the process.

Get Rid of the Ex
Got a photo or three that you really like, except for the presence of that pesky ex-husband / wife / partner? If the parting of ways was amicable, I'd recommend leaving them alone. If on the other hand it was nasty, I can remove the person painlessly without you reaching for the scissors .

Insurance Photos
You may have some jewellery or other valuables covered by insurance. It's a good idea to have a photographic record in the event that they are lost - particularly through burglary or theft. This can help with identification. Your photographic record is supplied on a CD that you can store in a safe place.